Message from the Owners:

Welcome to Mainspring Medical, LLC operating as BONRO Medical. Thank you for allowing me a brief moment to introduce our company.

Bonro Medical, a division of Mainspring Medical, LLC was established in July 2003 and is based out of Evans , Georgia. It was founded by the developer of the revolutionary new product for the management of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) i.e. the Vacurect. Being the only technological breakthrough in this field of treatment in the last decade, the Vacurect essentially eliminates the issues that other vacuum devices have in common. It mimics the natural erection process being completely external to the body and is drug-free. In short, the Vacurect now makes the use of a vacuum device easy for both patient and partner.

Our dedicated staff has a combined experience of 20 years in the field of ED treatment and are looking forward to offering you exceptional customer care and service.

You can be sure that we are particularly aware of the sensitive nature of the issue of ED, so please feel comfortable whenever you contact us. 

While ED management is our core business, we are proud to also offer our customers a wide range of sexual health products. We invite you to browse our website for further information on the additional products that we provide. At Bonro Medical, a division of Mainspring Medical, LLC, we devote a large amount of our time searching for products that will improve your quality of life. To assist us in our continuous search for such products, please feel free to give us any suggestions and we will make an effort to accommodate your requests. If you request a product that we are unable to acquire, we will refer you to a retailer that can assist you.


Mission Statement:

To provide each customer the opportunity to greatly improve their quality of life and to successfully manage their health needs with the most complete line of natural health products and medical equipment available. To provide exceptional products at the very best price possible and to ensure that each customer has a pleasant experience during each and every contact with Bonro Medical, a division of Mainspring Medical, LLC.

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