The Vacurect uses a unique double-sealing Tension System that ensures maximum efficiency and it uses a natural pumping action that does not detract from natural intimacy. Even better, the Vacurect® comes with 10 Tension Systems of different sizes that last up to three years! 


How The Vacurect Works

Step 1
Attach the tension system to the base of the cylinder by pressing firmly.

Step 2
Apply a dime size amount of personal lubricant on the index finger and apply to the glans head of the penis. Apply the excess lubricant to the opening of the tension system.

Step 3
Gently rest the tip of the penis in the opening of the tension system.

Step 4
Move the sleeve up and down the cylinder to create the vacuum; this will draw the penis through the tension system into the cylinder.

Step 5
After creating the erection, remove the cylinder from the tension system, leaving the tension system in place at the base of the penis.