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Tension rings were included as you requested. Thank you so much. This is absolutely the best system out there. You may quote me.

I’ve been using the VACURECT, and want you to know that the system delivers as promised, and I am a satisfied user.
For the past seven years, I’ve used the (competitor’s system). It was always effective in that it created a very rigid erection. However, it was cumbersome to use, and was occasionally a bit painful. At times, it seemed like what I imagine a medieval torture device might look like.
Thank you for developing such a simple, effective, and convenient system which adds greatly to a healthy and satisfying sex life. I am convinced that this system adds greatly to the quality of life and psychological well-being of young veterans, and others, who have lost that function through paralysis and other injuries. It has the same results for old guys like me. I’m 73.
Thanks again.

Satisfied customer from South Attleboro, MA
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To Whom It May Concern:
Thanks very much for filling our order for the pump. It works great! The very first time was a success, something I had not experienced for a long while. Appreciate the product and wanted to let you folks know how much it helps. I’ll recommend it to anyone I’m aware that’s having ED problems.

Satisfied customer from Fall River Mills, CA
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This letter is long overdue. I need to tell you how pleased and satisfied I am with the Vacurect.
I am a type 2 Diabetic and have experienced diminishing erection capabilities for several years. Although I am 69 years old I still have a very active libido and sex drive – I just couldn’t perform. For the first few years of my ED, Viagra worked pretty well; however, over time I had to take more and more tablets to achieve and maintain an erection. This was worrisome to me as I realize how Viagra works on the heart and blood vessels.
The Vacurect is wonderful. I would say that my success rate is 100%. My partner and I are always completely satisfied – thank you for a wonderful product.

Satisfied customer from Fall River Mills, CA
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I have one Vacurect system OTC 1002 but would like to have a spare. This system has revitalized our marriage! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
P.S. – My Doctor put me on hormone therapy for my bones. What a thrill it is to be having sexual intercourse at the age of 84! Who said old age is not for sissies? My wife and I think it’s fantastic! We can get up, shower, and go back to bed naked for hours most mornings. I don’t have to go to work and we have plenty of time to enjoy sex. What a life! Again, thanks for making it possible!

Satisfied customer
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This is a long over due "thank you" from me. I e-mailed you several months ago explaining I had dropped my Vacurect and cracked the body on it. I tried everything but could not get it to stop leaking. You instructed Mr. Kevin Hebert to send me a complete new Vacurect at no charge. I was completely surprised at this, as no Company in this day and age would do such a thing. If you could not have helped me, I would have purchased a new from you. I have been on injections for several years and they just quit working [very bothersome and painfull] and have tried the pills that didn't work. Needless to say I was skeptical when I ordered the Vacurect, but not anymore, as it works like a charm. I will promote your product any chance I get. My Doctor asked me how this was working out and I told him he could recomend it to anyone.
Again I want to thank you very much for something I did not expect. Lyman Bucki Medford, WI
Dear Folks at Bonro Medical,
My husband and I purchased the Vacurect. We wish to say a big “Thank You” for making intimacy possible for us. After trying different brands of the pills with no success, we saw your ad. We have been married a year now, and have just begun to enjoy each other.
Thanks again,

Satisfied Wife from Ellwood City, PA
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To: Kevin Hebert,
Thanks for the new traveling case it is heading for a trip to Thailand and Singapore. The tube of KY Jelly, again thanks.
Good luck and God bless.

Satisfied customer from Rockport, MA
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Dear M/S,
As per telephone conversation please find check for $19.99 for Vacurect Tension System no. 22.
Your system is better than any pills on the market.
Thank you.

Satisfied customer
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I received my Vacurect kit in mail. It works very well. After Prostate surgery I thought my sex life was over. You guys made me a whole man again.
Thank you.
P.S. Lady friend likes it, too.

Satisfied customer from Montrose, MI
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Thanks for helping to me an old man feel young again. Please put this beauty back together again. I have no idea WHAT happened – but my partner sure misses what it can do for me.

Satisfied customer from Sarasota, FL
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Great Product
My penis thanks you!!!

-Satisfied customer
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This device is awesome. My compliments to the designer and marketing people.
Respectfully, Jack
USMCR 1947-1949
U.S. Air Force 1951-1955
68th Bomb WG. B-29's
Strategic Air Comm
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Your service was fantastic! I could not believe how quickly and professionally my order was dealt with. Besides that your product itself was much better than a previous one I had tried. Thank you, Ralph Carr

Just a note to express my deepest appreciation for your Vacurect.
I appreciate all that you have done for me.

Satisfied customer
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Dear Kevin,
It was great talking to you the other day – I’m returning the Vacurect product to be put back together – I can’t believe I did such a dumb thing in taking it apart – lesson learned!
This product is amazing! After 3 years it’s nice to get back to normal – pass this word on to your company.
Thank you Kevin.
Respectfully yours,

-Satisfied customer
P.S. Enclosed is a check to cover the postage.

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Do you offer any discounts for disabled Vets. I am 50% disabled and have Ed. And my prostate was removed in 2005. The pump that the VA game me is hard to use and when she gets in the mood she sure doesn’t like to wait the length of time it takes me to get ready. Would like to afford one that is easy to use.
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I have been using the Vacurect system for a short time, but am very pleased with your system. Your Vacurect therepy is great as lately I have been waking up with a voluntary erection like a few years ago. I'm 72, my wife is 69 and the first time I used the vacurect & tension system for sex, my wife had multiple orgasms, so she is also very pleased with this system. It beats any or the ED pills as you have instant, usable erections at any time and at 72, four or five time a week is like fifty years ago. So our sex life is a real joy again.
Thank you
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My wife and I wish to thank you for your great Vacurect. We received it on July 2, 2010. Later this month we will celebrate our 48th anniversary but the last three years or more it has been without intimacy due to my ED. Viagra and cialis failed to give us results. I have seen your ads in the AARP publications for years but didn't talk to my doctor about it until last month. He recommended it.
We have had great results from our Vacurect. Since it arrived it is like being on our honeymoon all over again, just better since we know and love each other so much more than we did then. It would never have been possible without your product so thank you again

Respectfully, Flower Mound, TX
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I purchased the "VACURECT" just a little over a week ago and I am very impressed. At 59 years old I am recovering from complete prostate removal surgery du to cancer. I'm thankful for the help Vacurect is providing in making intercourse not only possible but enjoyable with my wife. She is a Registered Nurse and has been very impressed also at the Simplicity and effectiveness of the Vacurect.
I have been a Pastor for over 36 years and I'm recommending the vacurect to others in my congregation that have went through the same cancer surgery.

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